Reunion dei Bad Brains!

Thursday 23 February 2006

I Bad Brains si sono riuniti in formazione originale!

HR, Gary "Doc" Miller, Darryl Jennifer and Earl Hudson della poderosa hardcore punk-reggae crew nota come Bad Brains sono tornati insieme. Il nuovo album sarÓ prodotto da Adam Yaunch dei Beastie Boys.

Ciappatevi la fonte originale in inglese a seguire. Thanx Isolamento per la segnalazione.

HR, Gary "Doc" Miller, Darryl Jennifer and Earl Hudson of the lightening and thunder hardcore punk-reggae krew the BAD BRAINS are back together...

November, 2004, D.I.A. decided to feature HR on a series of Global Rock Showcase gigs. The mission was to reconditioned and get HR ready for another Bad Brains run. Close to 50 Global Rock Showcases later the original lead throat is ready to Global Rock with the DC boys again. Conversations with Doc and Earl confirmed commitments to tour also. Daryl has always been down for whatever in support of the Bad Brains brand. So get ready for D.I.A.'s Global Rock Showcase "TRIBUTE TO BAD BRAINS I & I" Tour featuring the original Bad Brains.

Bad Brains' New Album:

A new album produced by Adam Yauch of the Beastie Boys is already in the can. And to the three generations of fans who repeatedly call out fav tracks like 'Pay To Cum", Youths Are Getting Restless", "Sacred Love", etc., at live shows, Doc and Earl is bragging about this new album. They said it simply kicks ass.

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